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"Austria does good to health"


Austria, with its charming landscapes, is not only one of the most beautiful countries of Europe, but also one of the most healthy. With water of the quality of drinking water, its many thermal spas and its cristal-clear leisure lakes, Austria offers nature still intact. The many woods and mountains guarantee fresh air. These features have made Austria well known and appreciated all over the world as a top destination for healing.
There are lots of reasons for considering Austria an ideal destination for a healthy and relaxing vacation for the whole family. The joy of eating is guaranteed by balanced nutrition (based for example on ecological products chosen with attention) and on traditional preparation. The clean air and the opportunity of being in direct contact with nature presents an ideal opportunity for doing some excercise. In Austria sport is very important. As well as the traditional sports such as skiing, horse riding, golf, tennis etc., there are unlimited other popular sports. And, as a relaxing alternative, a huge range of thermal spas offer a wide program for wellness suitable for all guests.

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